How to Make Cannabis Sugar at Home

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Many of you won’t need me to tell you that mixing Sugar and Cannabis is a wonderful and brilliant concept. This blog is for you if you enjoy sweet things or want to improve your culinary abilities regarding Cannabis. It’s about ‘high’ time you discovered how! This process of How to make Cannabis Sugar at home is pretty simple. Canna-Sugar is ready in just a few hours and can be kept for weeks before usage. It offers a flexible means of consuming medication throughout the day without attracting unwanted attention. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to give any Recipe that asks for granulated Sugar a Cannabis kick.

How to Make Cannabis Sugar

How to Choose Perfect Cannabis for your Cannabis-Infused Sugar

The knowledge is there, and the tools are set up and prepared. But Cannabis, a crucial component, is absent. The recipe will never yield the most significant benefit if you mix the last of your supplies. Instead, a new batch of some of the tastiest Cannabis available will harmonize beautifully with the sweet flavour of Sugar. These three strains share the exact very desirable characteristic:

1. Crystal Candy
2. Green Gelato
3. Dulce de Leche

Decarboxylation & Why it is Important?

What is the essential part of a Simple Recipe to make Cannabis Sugar? That the end product must get you high. But Cannabis Flowers that have been dried naturally don’t have a lot of THC or CBD in them. Instead, they are rich in THCA and CBDA, which are acidic but not euphoric forms of Cannabinoids. When Cannabis is heated, a chemical reaction changes the Cannabinoid THCA into THC and CBDA into CBD. This reaction is known as Decarboxylation. When you smoke Cannabis, this happens immediately, but when you consume it, Decarboxylation must be done beforehand for the Cannabis to have an Intoxicating Effect.

Chop up some dried Cannabis Flowers and bake them on a baking sheet for 30 to 45 minutes at 220 to 245 degrees Fahrenheit (105 to 120 degrees Celsius). Check the Cannabis every 10 minutes to make sure it hasn’t burned, and you might want to crack a window to prevent the entire kitchen and living area from smelling like Marijuana.

How to Make Cannabis Sugar | Easy Recipe at Home

How to Make Cannabis Sugar | Easy Recipe at Home

Recipe by Bhavya PratapCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Medium
Prep time


Cooking time




Total time






  • 4 grams Cannabis

  • 150gm Granulated Sugar

  • 160ml high-proof, Food-Grade Alcohol

  • Hardware
  • Oven

  • Medium-Sized Mixing Bowl

  • Parchment Paper

  • Ovenproof Dish

  • Sieve

  • Storage Container


  • Remember the Cannabis you Decarboxylated? Yes, take it out and place it in a jar.
  • Add alcohol to the jar until the Cannabis is completely submerged. Screw the jar’s lid on firmly. Heat the oven to 90°C.
  • The Cannabis is getting extracted to form a tincture. Shake the jar once every five minutes for around 20 minutes to hasten the process.
  • The liquid should then be strained into a clean bowl using cheesecloth or a coffee filter. The tincture for your Cannabis-Infused Sugar is ready.
  • Set the oven to 200 °F.
  • On a baking sheet, spread your granulated sugar evenly. Pour the Cannabis tincture gradually over the sugar, stirring as you do so. Make sure the mixture is uniform.
  • Do not completely close the oven door after inserting the baking sheet inside. Closing the door will do no good; the sugar needs time to ventilate.
  • Mix the Sugar every 15 to 20 minutes while letting it bake for two and a half hours. When the Canna Sugar resembles conventional Granulated Sugar, it is finished.
  • (As an Alternative, you might warm the liquid combination on a pie plate on the stovetop until all of the Alcohol has evaporated or just let it air dry for 48-72 hrs).
  • It will be fully dry and resemble regular Sugar after it is prepared. Use an airtight container for storage.
Cannabis Sugar Recipe

Where to Use the Cannabis-Infused Sugar

Any recipe that calls for white, granulated sugar can substitute it. And no, it won’t alter the flavour—it will still be lovely and sweet.

Cannabis-infused sugar may be added to a cup of coffee at any time of day, used as a sweetener in cookies, or made into a killer bowl of wake-and-bake oatmeal. Additionally, it can be used to create Cannabis caramel. A common practice is sprinkling sugar on Fudge, cereal, waffles, or pancakes. A healthy dose of cannabis sugar makes porridge infinitely more delicious. You can use it to naturally sweeten dessert by misting it over strawberries and raspberries.