Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Hemp?

Hemp is a Weed belonging to the Cannabaceae Family that bears flowers, leaves, and seeds. Hemp Seeds are an incredible source of nutrition and can do wonders for the body. They are added to cereals and granola and pressed to produce oil. Due to its various advantages, Hemp is becoming increasingly popular as a Food Ingredient. Many Food Ingredients are not suitable for everyone. So, it’s a big question. Can you Have an Allergic Reaction to Hemp?

Hemp Seeds are a blessing to energy-dense Shakes, Smoothies and Bowls because of their nutty flavour, fibre, minerals, and healthy fats. Although there is a low chance of adverse reactions from Hemp, some people may be allergic, and excessive amounts of its high mineral and fibre content may be harmful.

Introduction to Food Allergy

Introduction to Food Allergy

A Food Allergy is an Autoimmune reaction to a protein or pollen found in something the body consumes. The body could also recognise a non-poisonous substance as a possible threat and respond appropriately to stop it.

Every Immune System has a different threshold for an allergic reaction. The Human Body has the potential to react negatively to any food it eats. However, according to research, food products with a lot of Protein are more likely to cause Allergies.

Hemp as an Allergen

A good source of Protein is Hemp Seeds. It provides every essential amino acid the body needs to operate correctly and in quantities far closer to those found in whole protein sources. Most people can increase their daily nutrition by incorporating Hemp into a smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal without experiencing any adverse effects from Hemp Protein, except for possibly enhanced health.

The Dietary supplement, however, may be hazardous for those who are intolerant to Cannabis Sativa. According to a scientific analysis published in the March 2015 edition of the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, reports of Allergic responses to Hemp have increased in frequency despite being quite rare. Science is discovering more about the potential allergenicity of Hemp and Cannabis as Hemp consumption rises.

Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Hemp

Allergic Reaction to Hemp- Symptoms

Like many other plants and pollens can cause Allergic reactions in people, Hemp can also cause them. Mild to severe Symptoms can exist. There seems to have been a rise in reports of these allergies in recent years. Hemp, in a variety of forms, is consistently utilised as a foundation ingredient in many everyday foods and cosmetics.

In some situations, mixing Hemp with other compounds can also cause an Allergic reaction. True Hemp Allergies result from a bad reaction to a component found in Hemp Plants. Studies show that inhaling Hemp Pollen can result in:

1. Sneezing
2. Nasal Congestion
3. Itchy Throat
4. Irritation of the Eyes and the Skin in General
5. Cough
6. Conjunctival Injection (Redness of the Eye)
7. Difficulty in Breathing
8. Itchiness
9. Swelling of the Skin
10. Hives (Skin Rash, Plaques or Pale Red Bumps)
11. Abdominal Pain
12. Diarrhoea
13. Nausea and Vomiting
14. Dizziness, Lightheadedness or Fainting

Anaphylaxis, a severe Immunological reaction that can be fatal, is one of the uncommon risks associated with Hemp Allergies.

Fibre Intake in Hemp

In a Healthy Diet, fibre is essential for promoting regular bowel movements, lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, managing weight, and preventing intestinal cancer. However, consuming too much fibre at once can result in bloating, cramping, gas, and constipation. Incorporating Hemp with other fibre-rich foods, like oatmeal or fruits and vegetables in a smoothie, may consume way more fibre than you intended, causing digestive distress in your body.

Allergic Reaction to Hemp

Mineral Intake in Hemp

Due to its high concentration of the elements iron and copper, hemp protein powder poses a danger of toxicity and adverse effects when ingested in excessive quantities. For these minerals, an acceptable upper consumption threshold has been established. If you consume more than this amount, you may have dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, stomach discomfort, and stomach upset.

Which Part of Hemp Allergic to You

The most prevalent allergen in a Hemp Plant is pollen, a fine powder that trees, grasses, and weeds release to fertilise the seeds of nearby plants.

Theoretically, any portion of the plant could bring an Allergic Reaction in the body. However, the most likely offenders are the sections with high Protein or pollen content—specifically, Hemp Seeds. You are most likely allergic to Hemp Seed-based items if you are allergic to Hemp. These include Hemp Milk, Hemp Hearts and Hemp Powder.

In contrast, it is pretty unlikely that hemp seed oil may cause allergies. This is because Hemp Oil is processed until it contains only fat. However, based on a person’s biology, Hemp Oil may result in some of the symptoms mentioned earlier.

Allergic Reaction to Hemp

How to Avoiding Hemp Allergy

Offering a definite method of avoiding an Allergic reaction is unlikely because every person’s body reacts to substances differently. Still, it is possible to minimise or reduce hemp allergy symptoms, including itchiness, hives, and conjunctivitis, both naturally and with medicine. For instance, ice packs can naturally relieve pink eye and skin inflammation. One must be cautious when dealing with severe reactions like Asthma or Anaphylaxis. Finding and using authentic and genuine things is an excellent place to start if you wish to avoid these.