Does CBD Oil Expire? 5 Ways to Keep it Safe

Have you ever used oil that you had stored in the cabinet without using it for months only to find it seemed a little off? Whether it was the hazy colour, murky consistency, or peculiar flavour. Since a bottle of premium CBD Oil may be pricey, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to stretch the life of that liquid gold as far as you can. If you use a few drops every day, it can take many months or a year before you finish the bottle. So you might be wondering, “Can CBD Oil Really expire?”

Does CBD Oil Expire?

In a nutshell, yes, but you still have plenty of time. CBD Oil usage has a temporal limit, like any other dietary supplement or pharmaceutical. The type of oil and its storage will determine how long it will last. It’s helpful to know that the base oil in which the CBD has first diluted spoils, not the cannabis oil itself, when it ultimately goes terrible.

According to popular wisdom, the shelf life of CBD Oil can range from 14 months to two years, depending on how the product is kept. Particularly those with minimum processing, like full-spectrum CBD Oil, tend to be of higher quality and last longer. Since any additional additives may have a storage life that is lower than the shelf life of the CBD, pure CBD Oil may last longer than Flavoured Oils.

Factors Determining the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Factors Determining the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Various variables can influence how long your oil will last after being opened. By being aware of these elements, you may make longer-lasting product selections. Additionally, it can extend the shelf life, giving you even more value for your money. These are the key things to watch out for:

1. Ingredients

Every ingredient, like flavour, has a different shelf life, so what’s in the CBD Oil Expire. Unfortunately, if ingredients like flavourings begin to deteriorate before the oil itself, these can reduce the average shelf life of your overall product.

2. Means if Extraction

The Extraction method can affect the concentration of CBD and its components’ stability. Carbon Dioxide Extraction increases the amount of CBD that can be extracted from the plant, producing an Oil that is purer and has a longer shelf life.

3. Quality

It should come as no surprise that better products typically last longer. The quality of the plants, the growth circumstances, and any other components all have a role in this. Because of the Type of Hemp that is used, the growing environment, and the additional chemicals employed during processing, high-quality goods typically last longer.

4. Storage

How long your CBD will last depends on how you keep it. According to research, heat and light hasten the breakdown of CBD. Therefore, it’s critical to store it properly. A perfect environment can extend the potency and freshness of CBD Oil.

5. Packaging

The amber bottles serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. These dark, airtight glass containers help CBD Oil keep longer. The proper packaging can shield the oil from sunshine and air exposure.

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How to Tell your CBD Oil Expired

You should be able to determine whether or not the product is past its prime by looking at the expiration date on the bottle. However, improper storage can advance this date, and occasionally you’ll need to rely on your instincts to determine whether something is off. In case you’re unsure, here are a few warning signals to watch out for:

1. Unless artificially flavoured, CBD oil is typically described as tasting “Nutty” “Earthy” or “Grassy” unless it has been artificially flavoured, or in other words, tolerable. On the other hand, like most other oils that have seen better days, expired CBD oil will taste “Off.”
2. Your CBD has perhaps gone off if the colour changes. If the oil turns murky or darkens from its initial tint, this may indicate that its constituent parts are beginning to disintegrate.
3. The aroma of CBD oil is often pleasant and slightly earthy. Like many foods, it has probably gone wrong if it smells unpleasant or rancid.
4. One sign that your goods may have expired is a change in texture. Your oil may have reached the end of its shelf life if it has grown thicker or appears to be separating in the bottle. To avoid confusion, don’t confuse this with hazy, which can occur if the oil has been sitting in a Cold Room or Refrigerator.

Expired CBD Oil Effects on our Body

If kept for more than two years or when incorrectly stored, CBD Oil can lose some of its effectiveness. Weak CBD Oil indicates that the cannabinoids have degraded and are no longer performing at their best in the body. Therefore, it is less likely that an older bottle will produce any of the CBD oil’s possible therapeutic effects, such as Pain Alleviation.

You won’t become sick if you eat a bit of CBD Oil over its sell-by date because it doesn’t go wrong or deteriorate like milk or other oils. Particularly if you’re Microdosing, this is true. On the other hand, if a bottle has been sitting in your medicine cabinet for more than two years or has been incorrectly stored, it should be thrown away to be safe.

Expired CBD Oil

How to Extend the Shelf Life of your CBD – Storage Tips

Treating CBD oil the same as the other cooking oils in your pantries, such as coconut oil and olive oil, is an excellent general rule of thumb for keeping CBD oil. Your CBD oil’s shelf life may be increased with appropriate storage. This entails starting with the proper container and shielding the oil from too much light, heat, and air. Here are some other suggestions to keep your CBD oil fresh:

1. The oil should be kept out of the way in a pantry, cabinet, or other dark. Sunlight’s UV rays can harm CBD products to the point where they lose their cannabinoid content entirely.
2. Keep oil away from any possible heaters or air conditioners, windows, radiators, and stoves.
3. To prevent bacterial growth and other pollutants in the CBD oil bottle, use a clean dropper or spoon each time you take a dose.
4. To keep air out, permanently shut the bottle correctly after use. Oxygen in the air can oxidise CBD components, lowering their quality and potency.
5. Any cannabis infusion will have a longer shelf life if kept in the fridge. Freezing it almost always ensures a longer shelf life. However, freezing is not required; simply storing CBD oil away from air, light, and heat should be sufficient.

How to Tell your CBD Oil Expired


Although CBD Oil Expire, the average shelf life should be sufficient even if you don’t Use CBD Oil. A high-quality product will keep its freshness and effectiveness for a more extended period if chosen and stored appropriately. Ensure your product is made with premium CBD from a trustworthy company that employs the best extraction methods and high-quality ingredients.

Once you’ve made the purchase, please keep the item in its original packaging in a dark, cold place. You can regularly look for cues in its flavour, aroma, and appearance, indicating it’s malfunctioning. If you find a bottle of forgotten CBD oil, a glance and sniff should tell whether it is still in good condition.